Testimonies of Past Pretenders:

  • Hi my name is Tommy and I was a pretender for 34 years.  I lived a good life and went to church.  I had a family, a job, dogs and cats. I didn't curse and didn't steal, and actually read my bible from time to time. I said amen when my preacher preached and sang the hymns and praised God. 

    For 34 years of my life I was pretending.  I was pretending to know God.  I was pretending to be a Christian.  the bad thing is I didn't even realize that I was pretending.  I had no clue.  My eyes were closed.
    I praise God for opening my eyes on November 4th 2004.  God allowed me to see my sinfulness against him.  He allowed me to see my horrific condition.  That I was really headed for hell.  Every lie, every lustful thought, every time I had used His name in vain was going to be revealed and I was to receive what I deserved, an eternity in hell.
    Then at the lowest point, I looked up and saw what I had never understood before.  What the cross was really about.  I repented and for the first time placed my faith in Jesus Christ.
    My life has never been the same since.
    Thank you Lord!

    - Tommy

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